Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mad Song is Here!

Greetings Everyone,

I’m very excited to announce the publication of my first book of poetry, The Mad Song, a prose meditation, bluesy elegy, sensual lament, comic colloquy, poetic memoir, and cri de cour for liberty that seeks not necessarily to reveal the invisible republic but to remind you that it’s there.

Douglas Crase, former MacArthur Fellow, Witter Bynner Prize-winner, and author of The Revisionist, AMERIFIL.TXT, and Both: A Portrait in Two Parts, has written an illuminating foreword to this book-length poem that he says “lope[s] with the erotic generosity that proceeds from all the best unions of high and low culture.”

The Mad Song is published on the Espresso Book Machine developed by Jason Epstein by the Shires Press, the imprint of the Northshire Bookstore, a family-owned, independent bookstore in Manchester Center, Vermont since 1976. The Espresso Book Machine at the Northshire Bookstore is one of only five in the world, including machines housed at the New Orleans Public Library and the Library at Alexandria.

The Mad Song is available exclusively from the Northshire Bookstore. There are a number of ways you can purchase your copy:

• Go online to, search for The Mad Song by Michael Schiavo, and place your order; or you can simply click here. The Mad Song retails for $13 plus shipping, standard or media mail rate. The latter will take a little longer to get to you but you’ll save a couple of bucks. You can also download a free preview featuring Douglas Crase’s foreword and the first chapter of The Mad Song, originally published by Guernica in January 2008.

• Call the Northshire Bookstore toll free at 1-800-437-3700 and talk to a helpful and friendly Northshire Bookseller. The Northshire Bookstore has one of the most knowledgeable staffs of any bookstore in the world. It will only take a few minutes to place your order and The Mad Song will ship right away.

• Visit the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, Vermont. Southern Vermont offers some of the most stunning scenery in the United States, any time of the year. The Northshire Bookstore offers three floors of books and a helpful staff ready to answer your questions and offer suggestions for books to read on any topic under the sun.

I hope you enjoy the free preview and that you’ll join me in supporting not only independent artists and bookstores, but the spirit of independence that our country was founded upon.

Your servant,
Michael Schiavo